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Study at English Unlimited, Brisbane

English Unlimited (EU) is a vibrant, dynamic language school centrally located in the heart of Brisbane City. We have incredible, modern facilities and a caring, friendly, passionate team of staff. Our primary aim is to help our students become proficient communicators in English and prepare them for their adventure as global citizens in a world where English is fast becoming the common language. We do this by developing their ability to communicate in English confidently, through the use of world-class teachers, accredited courses, facilities, exposure to many nationalities and exceptional student care. We believe that with a little effort, persistence and guidance from us, all our students will become proficient and confident speakers of English.

Skills for Life

Australia is our classroom… join our After Class English and Friday Skills classes to fast-track your language learning!

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Meet Our Team


Cathrine Baker

“I started teaching in 2004 and have worked in South Korea and Australia. I am continually enthusiastic about developing my skills in the multi-cultural and increasingly technological classroom. I believe education is a lifelong process which can help us to understand our similarities and differences and promote tolerance.”


Chad Borchard

“I am from Nevada but have lived in Australia for 10 years, and taught English since 2001, but now specialize in IELTS. Playing guitar and singing are my favourite hobbies, so you’ll often see me entertaining crowds of students!”


Gloria Michael

“I was born in Bermuda and lived there for 8 years, moving to Brisbane in the late 1980’s. I have been an ESL teacher for over 9 years, in Beijing, Kazakhstan and Australia. I enjoy working as a teacher because I love meeting people from all over the world, experiencing new cultures and helping my students to develop their English language skills."


Greg Scott

“After a childhood in Sydney and Canberra, my university study of Japanese and linguistics led to a scholarship in Japan for 1 year at Tsukuba University, where I learned Japanese. I also lived in Hong Kong and learned to speak Cantonese. I have been teaching with English Unlimited for over 2 years now and I love my job.”

Greg W.jpg

Greg Wharton

"I really enjoy the process of language learning and teaching. This has led me to South Korea working as an English teacher in middle schools and spending time studying Korean and French at university. I have taught General English and IELTS to a range of people from teenagers to adults."


Kaori Prior

“I have been teaching First Certificate in English at English Unlimited for over 2 years now and I love it! I have been teaching English to international students for over 10 years in both Japan and Australia. I try to make my lessons as informative and interesting as possible.”


Kath West

“Language and culture have been a passion my entire life. I have been a teacher for over 15 years, in Japan and Australia, in high schools, universities and teacher exchange programs, and enjoy every minute of it! My Master of Education (TESOL) has given me further knowledge and experience in the language classroom.”


Naomi Keith

“I have lived in Brisbane for most of my life, and I think it’s a beautiful city, especially in spring. I started teaching English in 2001, and have always taught in Brisbane. I recently spent a year in the Philippines, working on a language project. I loved it! I am enthusiastic about helping my students to learn!”


Rebecca Roelands-Keim

"I am Australian born and raised, so I love chatting with students from different countries. In particular, I love telling the students about the famous (and best kept secret) sights in Australia, and sharing Aussie lingo with them! Likewise, I have learnt so much from my students, they inspire me every day!”


Rufus James

“My experience includes teaching refugees, international students and teachers in Australia, England and Pakistan. Travelling is my passion and I have visited many amazing countries including Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Cambodia and Vietnam. I believe we never stop learning and that we can all make each other better global citizens.”


Samuele Antonini

“I am originally from beautiful Italy and studied Economics and Finance at university. I love the freedom Australia offers, and am so happy to have started to really live my life in Brisbane. I love to spend time with friends, enjoy time in the ocean and play soccer.” 


Soraya Torres Andrade

“I’m from Australia but my family is originally from El Salvador, so I understand the thrill and uncertainties of travelling to a new country. I love my job; it can be difficult but it is always a joy. Every student has something to share, so apart from learning the Aussie culture we share the cultures of others as well.”


Stacey Mulcahy

“I love teaching Business English! I get to meet new and interesting people from a range of backgrounds, discover new cultures and learn about other languages. After travelling for 12 years to 56 countries and living in Japan, France and Egypt, I still find language learning and linguistics fascinating and learnt a lot by completing a Masters of Education (TESOL).”


Timothy Bourne

“I have been a teacher for about 10 years and started teaching English in Taiwan in 2005. My experience of living overseas in a country where English is not the first language has given me an appreciation of the many challenges that students may face when living abroad.”


Youngeun Song

"I came to Australia in 2003 from South Korea. Working at a school with international students is truly amazing and I love every minutes of it. The world comes to me without me having to visit each country.  Since beginning of my career, I have met intelligent, fabulous, fun and exciting people from more than 40 countries."

Meet Our Students


Berangere Lehouck


"I've enjoyed many many things. The atmosphere at the school is absolutely delightful. Everyone is always available, friendly and very helpful, which is amazing when one arrives in a new country and doesn't know a lot about it. I really have improved my English skills thanks to EU and the only bad thing about that experience is that it had to end!”


Anastasia Salynskaya


“ I sat the test after 2 months IELTS Preparation at EU - it was my first attempt and I got the result I needed, 7.5. I'm really happy that I found this school. All teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Their advice and recommendations helped me to pass the test. For those students who aims at high IELTS results, I would recommend EU. This IELTS course is the one that can make your IELTS dreams come true.”


Helene Lind Kryger Ringstromm


"I found the overall experience with English Unlimited very positive. The contents of the course was great and extremely useful, I enjoyed working with real professional issues. The most surprising elements for me was the fantastic social and international atmosphere and the enthusiasm and the engagement provided by the staff. I warmly recommend this.”

Testimonial_IELTS_Luis_Miguel_ Valbuena_Colombia.jpg

Luis Miguel Valbuena


"The IELTS preparation course in English Unlimited was very useful when taking the test, the techniques received in class were easy to follow and apply. Learning and using these helped me to avoid common mistakes, furthermore the practice test of the skills weeks gave me a hand in the management of time, and led me to achieve a high Band Score in the real test."


Juan Valdeblanquez


“I'm Juan from Colombia, I studied law in my country but I felt the necessity to learn English. It has been a good experience in this beautiful school. The teachers are fantastic professionals and they do a great job, I found kind and awesome staff members. My classmates are lovely people and I made many friends in here. The amenities are amazing and you have many places where you can enjoy this school. Thank you EU for everything!"

Testimonial_FCE_Ambre Le Goff_New_Caledonia.jpg

Ambre Le Goff

New_Caledonia.pngNew Caledonia

“My name is Ambre. I have so many good memories at EU. First, I've learned really fast with passionate teachers in a convivial and fun atmosphere. The most important is that you feel safe because this school cares about everyone, I was comfortable with this new adventure in a totally new country. Secondly, I’ve met gorgeous people from around the world. At the end of that amazing experience I could reach my professional goals: be a flight attendant. I want to say merci EU for everything.”


Jinsoo Park

SthKorea.gifSouth Korea

“Hi I'm Jinsoo Park from Korea. I used to be a photographer. I studied around one-year at EU. I remember when I came to EU at first day. It was totally unfamiliar with new country and new school... moreover it was one of the most serious challenge in my whole life. But I adapted really soon to Australian life. Staff and teachers in EU were always such kind and ardent supporters of mine. I'll never forget I studied delightedly. I extremely recommend English Unlimited.”

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