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OET Preparation

OET (Occupational English Test) is an international English language proficiency test designed to specifically assess the skills of healthcare professionals.
Exam Preparation


This OET Preparation* course is specifically designed to help students prepare for the nursing OET, and aims to provide comprehensive, practical experience in the range of skills necessary to successfully complete the OET. The OET is designed to test language skills needed for effective communication with patients, their families and colleagues within the medical profession, and the preparation course reflects this, through additional crucial cultural communication. There is a ‘cultural customs’ element of the course in addition to the exam preparation, in order to make learners aware of the need to use appropriate intonation, body language and gestures. Private OET Preparation lessons are also available (please enquire).

For more details see: OET

* The OET course cannot be used to apply for a student visa.

Sample Timetable

The OET exam requires you to possess an excellent level of English proficiency. Doing mock tests can help you to perform well and successfully demonstrate your ability to interact with patients, read case notes and write appropriate letters in your capacity as a practising medical professional. It’s important you understand medical English comprehensively and are able to use appropriate abbreviations to assist you when listening to dialogues and making notes. These websites help support your journey on the way to achieving your OET goal. 

Course Quick Facts

Course Length

4 weeks

Start Dates

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Entry Requirements



Application fee - $100 
Tuition fee - 
$320 per week 

Tuition fees include:
FREE Campus-wide internet/wifi access
FREE After-Class English (ACE)
FREE Communicative English Skills classes (Friday)
FREE Academic/welfare support
FREE practice tests (IELTS/FCE/CAE/BEC)



Overseas Health Care Cover (OSHC) fees applicable for Student Visa holders only - please enquire.

Subject to class & level availability

Course & course fee subject to change without notice

Student Spotlight


Joseph Philippines

About me
My name is Joseph and its been more than a year now since I came here to Brisbane. I am originally from the Philippines, the pearl of the orient. I came here to pursue what I have started, to become a nurse. I am already a registered nurse in my country but curiosity drives me to study overseas and gain experience for which I can use to improve and develop our health-care system in the Philippines.

Course: OET Preparation
Occupation: Student
City: Brisbane

About my class
Without hesitation, I enrolled at the college and took a part-time OET (Occupational English Test) preparation course with Rufus. Our class was very interesting and conducive for learning. We were 3 students in a class with different nationalities with one goal - to pass the OET exam. Somehow, despite each others hectic schedules we were able to arrange a flexible class schedule every afternoon for 2 - 3 hours. The class was great and you will really enjoy it. While on our free days, Rufus gave us helpful handouts and homework to do. She taught us strategies and processes how to tackle difficult questions in the exam. 2 days prior to our exam, we focused on the areas that needed special attention, our weakness in short. Rufus taught us how to fix such discrepancies.