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After-Class English (ACE)

Australia is our classroom.

Research shows that learning a new language is easier, faster and we remember more if the activities are fun, active and involve participation.  English Unlimited’s vibrant After-Class English (ACE) activities and excursions are specifically designed to engage students in Australia’s English culture and environment and run every afternoon from Monday - Thursday.   

Learners will practise their English in tasks (e.g. cooking traditional Aussie dishes), focus on useful academic skills such as giving presentations and essay writing, and also visit important cultural venues in and around the city all with friendly, professional teachers. ACE @ EU provides one excursion per week, and three varied classes with a focus on fluency, accuracy and Australian culture.  It’s easy to join ACE – just meet at the front desk for classroom based activities and for excursions. Free for English Unlimited students. Don’t delay, be ACE today!

ACE: Monday - Thursday 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Sample activities


Meet our ACE teacher - Kath West


About me

“Language and culture have been a passion of mine my entire life. A teacher for 15 years, I have been fortunate to work in high schools, universities and participate in teacher exchange programs. Completing my Master of Education (TESOL) has enabled me to gain further knowledge and experience in the language classroom. I have taught in Japan and Australia, and enjoy every minute of it!”

About my class

“You won’t be sitting down for very long! Expect to be on your feet, working with the language. Expect to be actively engaged through physicalisation, role-play and theatre sports!”

Goal-Oriented Language Development (GOLD) classes (every Friday)

Join our elective Friday classes and increase your English ability, FAST!

Benefits of joining our Friday classes:

  • Different teachers every week give you access to a variety of teaching styles, methodology and pronunciation
  • Meet students from different classes to increase your friends and international cultural knowledge
  • Focus on fluency and confidence building when speaking English for real-world communicative skills
  • Dynamic, high energy classes help you start the weekend with a bang!
  • Classes are FREE to current EU/APC students

Available classes*

  • Exam Preparation Practice Tests (IELTS, FCE)
  • Business English
  • Writing & Conversation

*May vary from state to state

Meet our teacher - Naomi Keith

About me

“Hi, I’m Naomi and I’m very happy to be teaching here at English Unlimited. I have lived in Brisbane for most of my life, and I think it’s a beautiful city, especially in spring. I started teaching English in 2001, and have always taught in Brisbane. A few years ago, I spent a year in the Philippines, working on a language project there. I loved it! I am enthusiastic about helping my students to learn! When I’m not teaching, I like to spend time with family and friends. I like poetry and music, and I play the piano.  I’d love to spend more time outdoors.”

About my class

“Teaching is very important to me. It’s fun having lots of different people in the class, with their different personalities. I like showing people how they can study outside of class, as well as in the class.  I also try to do lots of activities that help students understand and practise grammar and vocabulary. I hope that you will enjoy the class and learn a lot.”

Barista Skills

English Unlimited’s Barista course teaches students the basics of coffee-making and includes practical coffee-making focusing on theory, vocabulary, milk texturing and an introduction to coffee art.

Our students will learn to:

  • Clean and maintain coffee machines
  • Make espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha and hot chocolates
  • Operate coffee machines
  • Foam and texture milk

Training is provided by Young Rabbit Pty Ltd (ABN 28 003 381 182) trading as Australian Pacific College RTO code: 90396.

Meet our student - Ana Paola Escalante 

"In the barista course I learned not only about how to make different types of coffee but how to give the best service and experience to all customers as Matt Kelly explained to us this and encouraged us to be a good employee in the hospitality industry."