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Meet Our Team

Brisbane_Youngeun Song.jpg


  •   Languages:
    English, Korean, Japanese

Campus Director (Brisbane)

"I came to Australia in 2003 from South Korea and I love my life here. At the weekend, my family often go to the beach and bush walking; amazing nature is something Australia offers as well as a safe and clean environment, cultural diversity and friendly people. Working at a school with international students is truly amazing and I love every minute of it. The world comes to me without me having to visit each country. Since the beginning of my career, I have met intelligent, fabulous, fun and exciting people from more than 40 countries. Learning English definitely opened a door to a whole new world and I hope you can join us to expand your future potential."

Brisbane_Rufus James.jpg


  •   Languages:

Academic Manager (Brisbane)

"I've lived in Australia since 2009 and love every second of my new life here! My experience includes teaching refugees, international students and teachers in Australia, England and Pakistan. Travelling is my passion and I have visited many amazing countries including Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Cambodia and Vietnam. I truly believe I have the best job ever - being able to meet, support and learn from people from all over the world is the definition of job satisfaction for me. I believe that by sharing, we can make each other better intercultural citizens and more rounded people."

Brisbane_Cathrine Baker.jpg


  •   Languages:

Assistant Academic Manager (Brisbane)

"I started teaching in 2004 and have worked in South Korea and Australia. I am continually enthusiastic about developing my skills in the multi-cultural and increasingly technological classroom. I believe education is a lifelong process which can help us to understand our similarities and differences and promote tolerance."

Brisbane_Sanra Robayo.jpg


  •   Languages:
    English, Spanish

Student Care Team Leader (Brisbane)

"I am from Colombia and have been here in Australia for 7 years now. This country has given me the best things ever: a new family, quality life and a great job! I really enjoy coming to work every single day. I would describe myself as a very outgoing, happy and sociable person. It's great to meet people from all over the world and I love to help and guide them because I was once in that exact situation of learning to live in a totally new and far away country from my own. At EU we not only focus on the tasks we have to do, but we also create a relationship with each student. We aim to know how they are and what they are doing. We have fun times in between our daily tasks. But it is also very hard to see them graduate and say goodbye."

Brisbane_Risa Brown.jpg


  •   Languages:
    English, Japanese

Student Care Officer (Brisbane)

"I am Risa Brown and I joined English Unlimited in 2016.

I used to work in the airline industry and loved travelling overseas. I have always been interested in new culture and meeting new people.

I love taking our dog for a walk in the morning and afternoons to get fresh air. Life here is marvellous. Why do I love Australia? You can find mountains, beaches and spectacular nature everywhere! We hope you will enjoy your new life and journey here in Australia."

Brisbane_Rachale Findlay.jpg


  •   Languages:
    English, Portuguese

Student Recruitment Officer (Brisbane)

"I was born and bred in Australia. As a child, I always wanted to travel the world and become multilingual. This love of languages led me on a 9-year trip of Europe and South America, during which time I became fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and worked for a number of education providers. I have a degree in Linguistics and Spanish and Latin American studies and love nothing more than the opportunity to meet, work alongside and learn from people from all around the world!"

Brisbane_Phoebe Keung.jpg


  •   Languages:
    English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Student Recruitment Officer (Brisbane) 

"I was born and raised in Hong Kong, where I stayed until 2010. Just like many of you, I came to Australia as an international student. I am very glad that I chose to come to Brisbane, Australia. I’ve had such an amazing experience studying and living in this beautiful city. I love this country for its cultural diversity, lovely beaches, and friendly people. After completing my university education in linguistics and secondary education, I decided to enter the international education industry. I now work in marketing and love sharing my experience in Australia with our students, helping them chase their dreams and accomplish their goals."


Melbourne - Adam Bongers.jpg


  •   Languages:

Campus & Academic Manager (Melbourne)

"Hi! My name is Adam. I am from Australia, but first started my Education career in Japan. When I returned to Australia, I started working with this school, and I have been here for ten years. I have worked at our campuses in Sydney and Melbourne, and I have completed my Master of Education. I draw my inspiration from our students. I try my best to serve students so they can reach their educational goals, and watching their progress is very rewarding.

I also have some recommendations for helping you improve your English while in Australia:
* Find something that interests you, and study and learn how to talk about that interest in English. Find other people who have the same interest, and talk to them about that interest in English.
* Think about how you can turn your interest into your own success story, and study and learn how you can make that success story a reality.

It's important that, if you study anything, you can connect it to your interests and you connect it with others.
I hope you have a great time studying at English Unlimited and living in Australia!"

Melbourne - Marguerite Coldwell.JPG.jpg


  •   Languages:
    English, Dutch

General English Coordinator (Melbourne)

"Hi I'm Marguerite. I’m Australian born, but was raised and educated in different countries around the world including The Netherlands, Ghana, Pakistan and Singapore. I speak a few different languages but English has the most fascinating origins, which is why it is so interesting to teach. The ambiance at English Unlimited is that ‘everyone belongs’ and we all learn something different from each other every day."


Melbourne - Marta Setkowicz.jpg


  •   Languages:
    English, Spanish, Polish

Campus Administration and Student Care (Melbourne)

"I am originally from Poland and I moved to Melbourne in 2015. My educational background is Public Relations and Communication Design. I believe that international education is the best way to learn new languages, meet new people and learn about the world. I have lived and studied in Poland, the United States of America, Spain and Australia and this has greatly influenced my life."

Melbourne - Pat Muangtham.jpg


  •   Languages:
    English, Thai

Student Care Team Leader (Melbourne) 

"I was born and raised in Thailand. Every day in Australia is a new adventure for me. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, and being inspired by new cultures. I also love to travel and explore different countries for good food and I plan to eat my way around the world."

Melbourne - Joana Valenia.JPG


  •   Languages:
    English, Indonesian

Student Care Officer (Melbourne)

I was born in Indonesia but I have Chinese background. I came to Sydney, Australia 5 years ago to study Hospitality and get more experience in this beautiful country. After I graduated from university, I started working at APC in Sydney. It has been a lovely experience and a great opportunity. I moved to Melbourne to work for APC's sister school, English Unlimited. Every day I learn so much from working and having fun with EU staff and students. Getting to know cultural differences made me keen to travel more, meet new people, and also influence others in a positive way.

Melbourne - Juliana Vergara.jpg


  •   Languages:
    English, Spanish

Student Care Officer (Melbourne)

"I am from Colombia and I studied psychology there. I came to Melbourne 9 years ago and I did a Diploma in Hospitality Management. I am very excited to start this journey with international students as I was one for more than 4 years. I love dancing (salsa or any latin rhythm music), sharing my culture and learning about others (culture, language, traditions)."

Melbourne - Luke Thomson.jpg

Luke T

  •   Languages:

Administration Officer (Melbourne)

"I am from Canberra and I moved to Melbourne for university four years ago. I now have a Bachelors Degree in History and Sociology from La Trobe. I enjoy travelling and experiencing new and exciting cultures. I love higher education and believe that studying is one of the best ways to grow as a person."

Melbourne - Kylie O'Connor.jpg


  •   Languages:

Study Progress, Accommodation and Job Assistance Officer (Melbourne)

"I am from New Zealand and spent the later part of my teenage years growing up in sunny Western Australia before moving to Melbourne 7 years ago. I have completed both Psychological and Agricultural Science degrees and look forward to applying developed skills obtained during my education to my new role as Study Progress, Accommodation and Job Assistance Officer."

Samuele.JPG (1)


  •   Languages:
    English, Italian

Student Recruitment Manager (Melbourne)

"I am originally from beautiful Italy and studied Economics and Finance at university. I love the freedom Australia offers, and am so happy to have started to really live my life here. I love to spend time with friends, enjoy time in the ocean and play soccer." 

Melbourne - Magdalena Fatyga.jpg


  •   Languages:
    English, Polish, Italian

Enterprise Education Manager (Melbourne)

"Hi My name is Magda and I joined this school in 2016. I studied Education Management in London and gained a wealth of experience working for international education providers across Europe. I am passionate about international education and I am excited to apply my skills and knowledge to help students at EU."

Melbourne - Henry Dolezal.JPG


  •   Languages:
    English, Czech, Slovak

Student Recruitment Officer (Melbourne)

I was born in Czech Republic and loved traveling since I was a child. Over the years, I have lived in England, the USA and Canada. The best part of my job is meeting people from all around the world and learning about their cultures. The real joy for me is seeing our students being passionate about thier studies at English Unlimited and achieving their goals.

Melbourne - Jason Lu.JPG


  •   Languages:
    English, Mandarin

Student Recruitment Officer (Melbourne) 

I was born in Singapore and traveled to countries like Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Japan before settling down in Australia. I am passionate about social justice and human rights, I have been engaging in work and activities related to education and equality since I was young. One day, I hope to publish a book about international student experiences in Australia.



  •   Languages:

Academic Manager (Sydney)

"As a child I always loved learning new words from reading books like Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five and The Secret Seven. It gave me a great feeling of satisfaction to be able to express exactly how I felt and what I thought using a brand new word in the right context. I guess this is where my love of language started. At Sydney University I studied a Master of Teaching in TESOL and Indonesian and found the theories of how humans acquire a second language fascinating. I was hooked. Then I started teaching at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, and loved every minute of it. Not only was I helping students develop a new language, but I was equipping them with a skill that would improve their circumstances in life. Now I’ve been in the international education industry for 17 years and my passion for learning and teaching language is as strong as the day I began. I hope that at EU we can instill the same passion in you!"



  •   Languages:

Assistant Academic Manager (Sydney)

"I was born and raised in Australia, but I come from a multicultural background and also lived and worked overseas for ten years.  I think that’s given me a lot of empathy for international students and the challenges they face living, working and studying here.   I love teaching all types of English but my work background is in business, so I can help if you have any questions about English for the Australian workplace, or would like to understand Australian business culture a bit more! Welcome to English Unlimited!"



  •   Languages:
    English, Korean, French

General English Coordinator (Sydney)

"Hi! My name’s Anne and I’m from Sydney. I love teaching English as I have been (and still am) a passionate language student so I’ve been in your shoes! I believe teaching is an exchange of ideas and customs and learning a language shouldn’t just be limited to textbooks and the classroom. I hope that you’ll have a great time here with us and be able to learn so much more about English and Australia while also expanding your personal interests and making lifelong friendships with people from all over the world."



  •   Languages:
    English, Afrikaans

Social Activities Coordinator (Sydney)

"I began teaching in Japan in 1991 and found that experience enriching and very rewarding.  So, when I returned to Sydney I began teaching overseas students. I love giving them all my best language learning strategies and believe in empowering every single learner. I have taught students for almost ten years now and find the huge range of nationalities a blessing. I have taught Academic English, General English, and IELTS Preparation for so many years and always have extra energy for every student.  I am also the Social Activities Coordinator and take students out of the classroom, which is a fun and brilliant way to see them really using their English speaking skills."